Feminazi! (__mediocre_cunt) wrote in cunts_so_scene,

Pistol Fuck!!

1☆ Name? ☆Amber Disobedience
2☆ Sex? ☆Doll
3☆ Age? ☆16
4☆ Location? ☆Orlando, Florida
5☆ Top 5 movies in order ☆Amelie, SLC Punk!, Tank Girl, Harry Potter, Labyrinth
6☆ Top 5 bands in order ☆The Briefs, Horrorpops, The Distillers, The Exploding Hearts, The Boys
7☆ Eat meat? ☆No
8☆ sXe? ☆HA!!
9☆ Fight? ☆Bring it on!
10☆ Scene? ☆Fuck scene, it's all about being classy.
11☆ Pericings? Tats? PHOTOS..if so. ☆Left lip pierced and right nose.  Look at pictures below.
12☆ Why should we say YES? ☆Because I'm one of the Mod's best friends and I've known her since 2nd grade! duh!
13☆ How did you hear about this comm? ☆The Mod herself.
14☆ Weapon of coice. Brass Knucks/Knifes/Guns ect.? ☆ Pistol
15☆ your thoughts on:
-Drugs/Alcohol/Cigarettes- I aprove.  I <3 Cigarettes and Vodka
-The Scene- Like I said, fuck scene.  It's all about the Classy Trash.
-Vegitarianism- Been one for two years, went vegan for about a month, but ended up going back to vegitarianism.
-The President- Don't even get me started on that no good racist, cock sucking, bigot of a so called "man." FUCK BUSH.  If he gets elected agian, I swear I'm moving to Vancouver.
-The Law- (if you say Anarchy I swear you are rejected ASAP)- "Anarchy in the UK!" ahaahahahahah fuck anarchy. 
-Yourself- so classy

16☆ PROMOTE IN 2 COMUNITIES AND PROVE YOU HAVE DONE SO BY POSTING WHERE.☆ I haven't done it yet, but I will!  I'll post it in our </em></a></a>_classy__trash community.
17☆Post 4 photos of yourself no MORE no LESS please.

and one of the classy mod and me!

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