brittney ♥ ♥ ♥ (uhlikeseriously) wrote in cunts_so_scene,
brittney ♥ ♥ ♥

pistol fuck

1☆ Name? Brittney
2☆ Sex? female
3☆ Age? 15
4☆ Location? ct
5☆ Top 5 movies in order little nemo. boondock saints. pocahontas. donnie darko. requiem for a dream.
6☆ Top 5 bands in order comeback kid. terror. bleeding through. Bury your dead. Walls Of Jericho.
7☆ Eat meat? yes
8☆ sXe? no
9☆ Fight? if i have to
10☆ Scene? i go to more shows then most people i know.
11☆ Pericings? Tats? PHOTOS..if so. yes i have a few pericings and getting a chest piece very soon
12☆ Why should we say YES? hm..i dont know probally because i could promote this to alot of people
13☆ How did you hear about this comm? i just saw it in someones info
14☆ Weapon of coice. Brass Knucks/Knifes/Guns ect.? brass
15☆ your thoughts on:
-Drugs/Alcohol/Cigarettes- im not sxe. but i hate cigarettes
-The Scene- its getting pretty gay. the shows arent as good not band wise but the people who go to the shows and everyone has this little compition in their head of whos more scene then who. and its really kind of annoying
-Vegitarianism- if you can do that then its awesome
-The President- i really dont care
-The Law- (if you say Anarchy I swear you are rejected ASAP)- yeah i really dont care
-Yourself- i get alot of shit because im alot younger then the people i hang with but i still keep on doing what i do

16☆ PROMOTE IN 2 COMUNITIES AND PROVE YOU HAVE DONE SO BY POSTING not in any other community or else i would
17☆Post 4 photos of yourself no MORE no LESS please.:


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