Ammonia Breath (bleeding_orgies) wrote in cunts_so_scene,
Ammonia Breath

woo here i go...

1☆ Name? kirsten
2☆ Sex? grrrl
3☆ Age? 14
4☆ Location? illinois
5☆ Top 5 movies in order billy madison, happy gilmore, punch drunk love, big daddy, sid and nancy
6☆ Top 5 bands in order toxic narcotic, sex pistols, black flag, clash, misfits
7☆ Eat meat? yes
8☆ sXe? HAHA
9☆ Fight? yes
10☆ Scene? yes
11☆ Pericings? Tats? PHOTOS..if so. yes and yes
12☆ Why should we say YES? i dno..
13☆ How did you hear about this comm? i saw it in intrests
14☆ Weapon of coice. Brass Knucks/Knifes/Guns ect.? brass mnucks
15☆ your thoughts on:
-The Scene-yes
-The President-no
-The Law- (if you say Anarchy I swear you are rejected ASAP)-against..but not anarchy
-Yourself-im ok
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